Summer Fun in Rexburg

Looking to get your kids out of the house? Here is a list of some fun activies to do this summer. 


-Cress Creek

-Menan Butte (R Mountain) 

-Mesa Falls

-Palisade Lake

-Darby Canyon Wind Caves

-Table Rock

-Pack Saddle

-Goldbug Hot Springs

-Daunanda Falls

-Heriman State Park

-Civil Defense Caves


-Rexburg Rapids

-Heise Hot Springs

-Green Canyon Hot Springs

-Rexburg Splash park

-Monkey Rock

-Jefferson Lake (Rigby Lake)

-Cable Factory




-Jefferson Lake

-Wolf Flats

-Bever Dick Park

-Eagle Park


-Green Canyon

-Heriman State Park

-Island Park

-Warm River



-Rexburg Splash Park in Porter Park 

-Monkey Rock

-Cress Creek

-Summer Reading Program

-Movie in the Park 

-Celebrate Youth