Continuing Excellence in MSD 321


On behalf of the Madison 321 Board of Trustees, myself and the entire district, I wish to express our profound gratitude to all the patrons who voted Yes for their generous support in approving the bond.


Madison is a community that highly values education and we are consistently working very hard to provide quality facilities and programs for our students.


Immediately following the bond passage, we started working toward the actual bond sale which is scheduled for the middle of November. As part of that process, with the help of a bond attorney and an investment banker, we have been preparing documents that are required to sell the bonds.


We have secured Piper Jaffray, as our bond underwriter and will be meeting soon with Moodys, a premier bond rating agency, to determine our bond rating.


We also have placed a RFQ or Request for Qualifications to select a company that will serve as our Construction Manager as General Contractor.


Bond sale preparation and project design is a lengthy process. However, we hope to go out for bids in the January – February timeframe and break ground immediately after school lets out in May.


Throughout the process, utilizing local companies and workers is very important to us. As much as possible, we want to spend our bond dollars wisely and hire locally.


Again, on behalf of the district, I wish to express our gratitude to everyone who voted Yes! Your support is greatly appreciated.




Dr. Geoff Thomas