Software Guidelines

When evaluating new software for use in the district, answer the below questions in order for the technology department to determine the time and cost of supporting the software. Answering these questions will help you purchase software that you will be happy with and that will work on a wide variety of computers and encounter less problems.

Questions about software

Is it web based or do you install software?

Does it require Java, Flash, or any other plugin?

Can it work with the latest plugins, does it have to use specific versions?

Can you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox and have the software work correctly?

Can it run on a ipad or android tablet?

Do we host it, or is it hosted off site?

If hosted here, what are the server specs needed, how many servers.

How are students, faculty added to the software.
Can users be added/deleted easily inside the software.

Can they be imported from a csv file or something similar.

Can they auto import for a file.

Can it use Active directory to authenticate users.

What procedure for end of year, does it promote students, retain their data? Can you clear all students at once from software and keep teachers/class data in.

Questions about use in the district

Who will administrate the software ( add students, teachers, admins, to the program. Train teachers on software use)

Is this a annual fee software, are we purchasing support, will we continue to pay for support.

Does this software replace or is similar to software already in use at the district?

What grades/schools will use this software?