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High School Graduation Requirements

Publication of Graduation Requirements
Prior to registering for high school, each student will be provided with a copy of the current graduation requirements.  Graduation requirements shall also be included in the student handbook.

Students shall be expected to earn a total of 50 trimester credits in order to complete graduation requirements for a Madison High School diploma.  Special education students who have successfully completed their IEP leading to completion of high school will be awarded a diploma.
       29 trimester credits of core of instruction
   +  17 elective credits
       50 Trimester credits required

Core Instruction:
Secondary Language Arts and Communication                                        9 credits
English (language study, composition, literature)          8 credits
Speech or Debate                                                                          1 credit

Mathematics                                                                                                          6 credits*
Algebra I (or meets Algebra I standards)  2 credits
Geometry (or meets Geometry standards)  2 credits
Secondary Mathematics of the student’s choice 2 credits
*(Two credits must be taken in the last year of high school in which the student intends to graduate.  For the purposes of this procedure, the last year of high school shall include the summer preceding the fall start of classes.  Students who return to school during the summer or the following fall of the next year for less than a full schedule of courses due to failing to pass a course other than math are not required to retake a math course as long as they have earned six credits of high school level mathematics.)

Secondary Science                                                                                               6 credits*
*(4 credits shall be laboratory sciences)

Social Studies                                                                                                         5 credits
Government                                              2 credits
US History                                                 2 credits
Economics                                                  1 credit

Arts and Humanities                                                                                           2 credits
Interdisciplinary humanities, visual and performing arts, or
Foreign language

Health                                                                                                                       1 credit

Elective credits                                                                                                     21 credits

Middle School Credit
Students may earn high school credits prior to 9th grade if all of the following conditions are true:

1. Completes any required high school course with a grade of C or higher before entering the 9th grade,
2. The course meets the same standards that are required in high school, and
3. The course is taught by a secondary endorsed certified teacher.

The student shall be given a grade for the successful completion of that course and such grade and the number of credit hours assigned to the course shall be transferred to the student's high school transcript and the student's parent or guardian shall be notified in advance when credits are going to be transcribed. However, the student’s parent or guardian may elect to not have the credits and grade transferred to the student's high school transcript.  The student still must complete the required number of credits in all high school core subjects identified above in addition to the courses completed in middle school, unless the student is a participant in the Advanced Opportunities Program.

College Entrance Examination
A student must take one of the following college entrance or placement examinations before the end of the student’s 11th grade year: SAT or ACT.

A student may elect an exemption in their 11th grade year from the college entrance exam requirement if the student is:

1.  Enrolled in a special education program and has an Individual Education Plan that specifies accommodations not allowed for a reportable score on the approved tests;
2.  Enrolled in a Limited English Proficient program for three academic years or less;
3. Enrolled for the first time in grade 12 at an Idaho high school after the spring statewide administration of the college entrance exam; or

A student who misses the statewide administration of the college exam during the student’s 11th grade year may instead take the examination during his or her 12th grade year if the student:

1. Transferred to an Idaho school district during his or her 11th grade year;
2. Was homeschooled during his or her 11th grade year; or
3. Missed the spring statewide administration of the college entrance exam for a documented medical reason.

Senior Project – Project Citizen
Madison High School uses either an independent Project Citizen or a student’s participation in Project Citizen (required of all seniors who take Government B) to fulfill the State requirement for completions of a Senior Project. 

Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) by Smarter Balance
In addition to obtaining the necessary credits as outlined above, a student will take the Idaho Student Achievement Test (ISAT) as defined by State Board of Education rules. 


Madison School District 321
Alternate Plan for Students Opted out on SBAC (2017+)

Content Area                                                            11th Grade                                                  12 Grade
English/Language Arts                Pass English 11 and English                                        Pass  English 12

                                                              11 Elective and participate in the SAT                     AND  English Elective.

Mathematics                                    Participate in the SAT.                                           Pass at least 2 math classes.


Civics Test
Idaho State Senate Bill No. 1071 requires that all high school graduates, starting in 2017, pass a 100-question Civics Exam (provided by the state department).  Tests results will appear on the official high school transcript.

Passing Score: Class of 2017 – 60%, Class of 2018+ = 70%  
Madison High School students will take the Civics Test during 11th grade U.S. History B.  

Test Administration:  Five study guides and links to other study materials for student use are available at   Students will be expected to complete all five study guides, which can be used while taking the test.  The test was altered from its original format (fill-in-the-blank), during the 2015-2016 school year, and turned into a multiple choice test with 4 choices.  Students are expected to take the 100-question multiple choice test until they earn a passing score. 

Science End of Course Assessment
Students that enroll in either Biology B or Chemistry B are required to participate in a Science End of Course Assessment (EOC) during the trimester they participate in the course. The state of Idaho has not set cut scores; therefore, only participation is required.

Waiver of Requirement
Graduation requirements generally will not be waived under any circumstances.  However, in rare and unique hardship circumstances, the principal may recommend, and the Superintendent may approve, minor deviation from the graduation requirements.

Alternative Programs
Credit toward graduation requirements may be granted for planned learning experiences from accredited programs, such as summer school, college and university courses, correspondence courses, and online/virtual courses.

Credit for work experience is offered when the work program is a part of and supervised by the school for 12th grade students only.  Seniors may take up to six credits during 4th and 5th hour only. 

All classes attempted at Madison High School and all acceptable transfer credits shall be recorded on the transcript.  All grades earned, including failures and retakes, shall be recorded as such and utilized in the calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA) and class rank.  Credit shall be awarded only once per course, depending on the specific course.  See the counseling office for a list of classes that can be repeated for credit.

Honor Roll
A student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 to be placed on the honor roll.  Specific information regarding honors at graduation is included in the student handbook.

Class Rank (GPA)
Class rank is compiled from trimester grades.  Courses not eligible for GPA are designated with a pass/fail on the report card.

Early Graduation
The Superintendent is authorized to create any procedures necessary to assist students to achieve early graduation as well create incentives for participation in any early graduation program.  Existing programs providing incentives to complete coursework early are described in Policy 2435 Advanced Opportunities.

All students at Madison High School are on track and pursuing the “Madison High School Diploma” (50 credits) when they start high school. If a student is short on elective credits in the third trimester of their senior year, they can graduate with a Madison School District diploma.  A “Madison School District” diploma recipient must have earned 29 trimester required credits, plus an additional 17 elective credits for a total of 46 credits.

Cross Reference: 2435 Advanced Opportunities

Legal Reference:   I.C. § 33-4601, et seq. Advanced Opportunities
IDAPA Early Graduation
IDAPA High School Graduation Requirements
IDAPA Middle Level Credit System

Procedure History:
Promulgated on:  September 20, 2012
Revised on:  December 15, 2016

be received, however, at a later date when the work is complete.

Madison High school students are defined as having taken at least 30 of their credits at MHS or they have recently moved into the district and finished their required credits at Madison. Students must have all work fully completed and approved by the faculty before graduation or they cannot march. MHS students with “good cause” (extenuating circumstances as approved by administration and counselors) are allowed to graduate with a Madison School District 321 diploma (46 credits – basic state requirement).

Students attending Central High School, who are eligible to graduate through Madison High School, must make the decision by March 1 to avoid any problems. Foreign exchange students do not receive a diploma, but can receive a certificate of attendance and march in graduation exercises.

Cross Reference: Policy 2710 Alternative Measure to the ISAT
Policy 2715 Secondary Route to Graduation

Legal Reference: IDAPA Early Graduation
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I.C.§33-1626  Dual Credit for Early Completers

Procedure History:
Promulgated on:  September 20, 2012
Revised on: