What is Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health First Aid training is a great resource for anyone who works with youth as it allows a person to learn specific skills that are important during a mental health crisis. Youth may not know how to articulate their needs-I know that at a younger age I couldn't tell someone what to do that would have helped in that moment. Looking back, I can see that now. Help to me was reassuring me that I was safe, was listening to me in a way that didn't make me feel bad or inadequate, but, most importantly, when I did have the courage to ask for help, was someone responding in a way that was helpful not hurtful. I am glad the times are changing and that we are talking more about mental health in the community and offering new ways to support youth during these challenging times.

Youth Mental Health First Aid USA is perfect because it gives community members, friends, and coaches an opportunity to better understand what mental health is, what some of the common diagnosis are, and how to respond to youth who might be experiencing a crisis. It reduces the misconception many people may have about mental health. What is meaningful is that it gives individuals in our communities the skills to handle a crisis in a way that feels nonjudgmental, safe, and inspires hope for the youth. Youth Mental Health First Aid USA is a great framework for providing immediate support to the youth and also getting them connected to other professionals and caring adults that can further help in a time of crisis. We all need to ask for help at some point in our life. As young people, we hope that when we do reach out, people are prepared and ready to provide appropriate support and resources. If more people were prepared when I went into a crisis it would never have been called a crisis. It would have been a meaningful conversation about what my needs were in that moment and how the people who were closest to me could support me through it. It is my hope that the training of others in Mental Healthy First Aid allows them to support youth in the way that I wish I could have been helped.


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