Frequently Asked Questions   



How many Trustees are there?

            Answer: There are five Trustees, one Trustee for each zone.


How long are the terms  of the Trustees ?

            Answer: Each term is four years long. Each term is staggered so not every zone has an election at the same time.


What is the Board of Trustees?

            Answer: They are the governing body of the school district.


How often does the Board of Trustees meet?

   Answer: Business Meeting-once a month every third Thursday

      Visitation Meeting-once a month

      Work/Special Meeting-anytime the Board feels it needs greater or more in depth discussion


What is a Business Meeting?

            Answer: It is a public meeting where patrons can listen to the Board of Trustees discuss school matters. Discussion and votes regarding policy are also conducted. During the meeting the public can also make comments to the Board.


What is a Visitation Meeting?

  Answer: It is a meeting where the Board of Trustees visits a school and hears from the Principal their accomplishments and projects. The visit helps spotlight that school.


What is a Work/Special Meeting?

            Answer: These are meetings where the Board of Trustees typically discusses specific school items with greater focus and depth.


What is an Executive Session?

            Answer: It is a closed meeting where the Board of Trustees discusses school issues that are confidential in nature. Typically, they involve property acquisition, labor negotiations, and personnel items. No votes are taken by the board during Executive Sessions.  The items discussed may or may not be discussed in later a business meeting. 


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